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Lake County, Ohio - GIS


    Below are some of the many presentations showcasing the benefits that Geographic Information Systems have brought to your community. Be advised that some of these presentation are from years ago and may not have current information and do not have a speaker to elaborate on the slides. Please call if you want more information.

    This presentation describes the many websites that the Lake County GIS Department has created to support the operations of many County offices and for the public and private sectors.

    This presentation describes the uses of GIS within local government.

    This presentation illustrates the many tools that the GIS toolbox provides to Lake County staff, businesses and residents.

    This presentation focuses on the use of GIS in support of the response and recovery efforts surrounding the massive flooding that occurred in 2006.

    This presentation describes the many ways in which GIS supports the mission and operations of the Lake County Engineer's Office.

    This presentation highlights the use of GIS with various disasters and the State of Ohio's All-Hazards Incident Management Team. Lake County's GIS Director is the GIS Specialist for this disaster response team.


    A more detailed look at the International Charter is explored in this presentation. Lake County's GIS Director is the State of Ohio's Project Manager and as such has access to the satellites of the world's space agencies to support disaster response.

    This slide show depicts the uses of GIS after Hurricane Katrina ravaged Mississippi. Lake County's GIS Director volunteered for two weeks in Jackson Mississippi after the devastating landfall.

    This presentation features a Statewide historical look at Presidential declared disasters in the State of Ohio since 1964.